Fletcher Contemporary Conversion

Kelly and I stopped by to visit with Sally Spiegel at one of her projects today in Fletcher. She has been working to convert a traditional, suburban home into a warm and clean contemporary. We will be doing a more detailed tour of it after IMG_3314completion, but we thought it was overall a great transformation and a perfect example of how this style of home could be updated for today’s more modern lifestyle. Below Kelly and Sally are standing in the newly expanded kitchen waiting on some of the final details to be installed. More coming soon. Great job Sally!

Artist George Peterson

IMG_3270During a recent trip to Brevard I was finally able to meet with artist George Peterson. It has been a year since I stumbled upon his work in an Asheville venue and I was an immediate fan. I witnessed five skateboards mounted in a row that had been cut, burned, scarred and painted as tribal art. The iconic, pop culture shapes had been put through destruction and rebirth giving them an immediate and powerful new story that holds my attention even today.

Geoge’s studio occupies a mid-century church building in the Arts District of Brevard. The sanctuary has been built out as a skate boarding and performance venue while the adjacent rooms are filled with his equipment and materials. He calls himself a “working class” artist and dedicates himself from 8 to 5 daily on his craft there.George Comp

George is self-taught. His influences are Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash, Finn Juhl, Bob Stocksdale, tribal art and punk rock. The combination of influences from 100-year-old tribal art, 80’s California to the Western North Carolina mountains and interior fashion today make them from a time period and world all of their own. His graphic and rhythmic twist to classic wood-turning gives his pieces a rawness and vulnerability that evoke history and narrative. For me, it takes an intuitive hand to craft something that offers subtle complexity masked by simplicity. In George’s hands, Punk is reinvented and becomes a timeless and sophisticated art form.

George’s work will be showcased in a new show later this month at Blue Spiral 1 gallery in downtown Asheville. For more on his work visit his website.



SHAPE: A Film about Design

Good Morning. I came across this clever, short film this morning while doing some design research. It is a less is more, approach to illustrating how small changes in design can affect us daily and improve our lives. In many ways it is how I  travel and move through the world. While driving down a street or walking intoshape_play_screen a home for the first time I am reworking everything I see. Though the short film is geared towards children it is a good reminder for adults that simple things like window placement, space flow and indoor/outdoor relationships can improve our day to day life both functionally and energetically. We often think we have to live with what is given to us when it comes to our environment. However, what if we could change something. What would you do?

To view the film click here.

For a light touch on homes click here.

Enjoy!  Troy

Happy Zero Anniversary to Us!

Today, Kelly and I celebrate our Zero Anniversary. Though we have been working to get our new company off the ground for a few months we chose April 1st as an official launch day. {Yeah!} And we are celebrating by…well…working on what we love. Lustron

Our morning started by showing our clients Asheville’s original Lustron House in Beverly Hills. What a beauty! It is all original and super efficient. It is in the process of changing owners. Search the blog for my past article on this one-of-kind Lustron home.




Buyer’s Brief – 008

Here are a few properties Kelly and I have been watching this week. Cheers!Market Tour 08 03302014


photo 3Yesterday was a great day for the Modern Asheville Real Estate Team. Kelly found us on the Wall of Fame at Keller Williams. Also, ModernAsheville.com had its highest day of visitors of almost 800 viewings. Thanks to our modern community for your support. We are excited for 2014!


Troy and Kelly

Asheville Home Story #004: Skyfall Lodge

Escape to Nature29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-002-View-666x445-72dpi

Being avid James Bond fans, our clients, photographer Parker Pfister and his wife Melissa, wanted to find their own countryside retreat when moving to the Asheville area. While far from being an English Tudor, the couple did find a contemporary Deltec home nestled into the edge of the woods in pastoral Leicester, thusly crowned Skyfall Lodge.29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-003-Exterior-666x443-72dpi

Unlike an English Tudor home, the round shape with big and bright windows offered them views of both the trees and the mountains. They feel gently embraced by nature. 29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-005-Living Room-666x443-72dpi

Here is how Deltec of Asheville describes their homes, “In a time where more and more technology separates us from our roots, many choose to retreat to nature and to the peace that can be found there. We are even incorporating this desire into our homes and homebuilding. What better way to escape from the rigors of our hectic lives than to retreat to a space designed with nature in mind?Int Comp

Utilizing many eco-friendly construction practices, Deltec allows homeowners to not only feel a kinship with the earth, but to tread lightly upon it as well. Circular homes bring another dimension into our lives, one that if often forgotten, the dimension of a beautiful space linking us with our forbearers’ send of free-living and connectedness to the earth.”

I asked Parker and Melissa what they loved about living here and most of their reflections revolved around nature and their relationship to it. Parker loves that the fireflies start their dance for his birthday in early June. July he looks forward to the Katydids singing at night. Far from machine gun fire, they enjoy sitting on the deck and hearing nothing but the wind in the trees or the laughter of friends when Parker is making his masterful barbecue.29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-029-Deck-666x443-72dpi

While being a private retreat they both enjoy entertaining. The large deck and open kitchen allows them generous and easy options for friendly gatherings. And given that they are only 11 miles to downtown it is an easy commute for their guests to come and play. 29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-010-Dining Room-666x443-72dpi

Some people may still ask “Why Deltec?” Since 1968, Deltec Homes has literally reshaped living. They have taken one of the most unique yet time-proven design concepts in history—the circular home—and added their own touch to create custom-designed, high performance homes that are adaptable, incredibly strong and affordable.

Every Deltec Home is built by using a combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques and old-fashioned craftsmanship. They build each home one at a time, to create spacious living with open floor plans that don’t box you in, and panoramic views that bring the outdoors in.29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-021-Master Bedroom-666x443-72dpi

While Deltec homes aren’t necessarily hurricane proof, their shape, their construction and engineering can almost guarantee you’ll survive a rare violent outburst by mother nature or a helicopter attack from a lifelong nemesis unlike the fate of the original Skyfall Lodge. In that regards the Pfister’s have one better trick up their sleeve than 007.

To see the full virtual tour of this home click here.