Timeless Furnishings at Dwellings

I stopped in today to see our pals at Dwellings prior to putting out some new real estate signs. I always enjoy the sense of discovery while shopping there. The roller skating size warehouse offers a timeless blend of imported, industrial and rustic furnishings contrasted with super clean and soft upholstery. Throw in some found objects and curiosities and call your home furnished. BAM! Dwelling Comps

As far as modern furnishings are concerned their mix offers both rustic and polished looks that are masculine, but with a soft, comfortable finish. You know the type — so strong that you can’t hurt it, but you can still cuddle up to it and take it home to mother — total marriage material. Go check out the ever changing inventory!



Artist Alicia Armstrong | Welcome to the Hood!

Artist Alicia Armstrong has opened her studio in my neighborhood so I had to make a quick stop to say hello rather than continuing to honk at her from my car. She is on the end of Lakeshore Drive where she is remodeling her studio and making space for a framer who will be sharing the storefront with her. Welcome Alicia!Alicia

Modern Community | Eichler

This is an intriguing video. Though primarily on Eichler it provides a sense of community established by shared interests in a modern environment.
It’s worth a watch. Enjoy! Troy

Make Your Modern | Buyer’s Tour 015

MYM Buyer 015 07202014Though our Asheville home market offers many housing options we don’t have everything. Kelly and I are just the tip of the iceberg to a larger team of resources to help you buy, remodel or build your tailored nest here in the mountains. Whether it’s scouting out the illusive architectural designed home, a retro ranch to remake or industrial loft or condo – we can help! We do the groundwork for you by previewing modern inventory, networking with skilled builders and staying in touch with potential sellers. Above are three properties currently on the market that Kelly and I feel offer potential to “Make Your Modern” lifestyle in the mountains. Want more? Ask us!

Take a closer look at this video preview of one of these homes with potential.

North Carolina Modernist Houses | Matsumoto Prize Event

Troy and Kelly with George Smart of NCMH.

Troy and Kelly with George Smart of NCMH.

Kelly and I traveled to Raleigh yesterday afternoon to attend North Carolina Modernist Houses’ Matsumoto Prize event for modern homes in North Carolina Compat CAM. Two homes in Asheville were awarded 2nd and 3rd prize. Maria Rusafova won 3rd place for her Blue House in Five Points (more to come on that) and SPG Architects won for the Herbits House in Leicester. Kelly and I were able to accept Maria’s award on her behalf as she tour’s India with her family. Congrats to our local winners!IMG_5782

Kelly and I had a great time and made a bit of a scene — of course. Also, we are talking to George about an event we are planning here in Asheville for this upcoming winter. More soon. Cheers! Troy

Modern Mixer | LA Style

50 CompLast night Kelly and I hosted a Mixer for our ever growing Modern community.  The approximate 75 guests were able to witness the debut of Hedy Fisher and Randy Shull’s latest revisioned property on Horizon Hill. The dynamic duo purchased the home to help preserve the legacy of the neighborhood which is filled with unique ranches, mid-century modern and green modern homes. The neighborhood, central to Asheville, offers some of the most dramatic views in all directions on the compass and seems to foster equally dramatic homes.Article 03

The modest ranch home was originally built in 1957 and had long been neglected by previous owners. Seeing the potential Randy and Hedy jumped on the opportunity to bring new life to the home by bringing up to the creative standards of the hilltop neighborhood, as well as, maximizing the dramatic setting. Making five rooms into one large open space and adding in handcrafted douglas fir windows to the perimeter — the home immediately becomes a stage for LA Style mountain living.IMG_5693

As the home is awaiting finishing details I’ll save a more detailed report for later. Thanks to Randy and Hedy for hosting the event. We look forward to working with you more in the future. Cheers! TroyIMG_3611

Grovewood Gallery opens BZDesign Boutique

If you are in Asheville on Saturday, July 12 join us at Grovewood Gallery for the BZDesign Boutique opening at 3 – 6 pm.10422247_10201446380519877_2630830168281780157_n