Brick | The Quiet Hero

Growing up in the Midwest in a town filled with modern architecture it was rare that a building did not make use of brick. From the churches by Eero and Eliel Sarrinen, the Robert Venturi fire station, I.M.Pei Library and our City Hall — Columbus Brick Compbrick was applied. No matter the building form, brick seemed to symbolize the solidity of earth, the steadiness of tradition and a quiet resilience over the effects of time. For me it is the “Steady Eddy” of architectural material and one that is often overlooked today. We accept it as a traditional material, but do we really understand its value? To dig deeper visit this page from the Brick Industry or watch this brief video.In contemporary Asheville we do have a few examples here on some of our latest hotels to blend contextually with some of our older buildings. Architect Larry Traber made use of it on his own home he built in 1965 on Horizon Hill.Horizon Hill

As real estate agents who specialize in ranch homes to remodel our clients always appreciate the constructions wrapped entirely in brick over the ones where the material was only applied to the front architectural facade. The warmth, the texture and low maintenance aspect is appealing. home-brick-ranch-plan-beautiful-and-stone-exterior-51706Though they require some extra effort to adapt in terms of punching in openings to let in more light, the long-term benefits out weigh the cost in labor. Think about it — how often do you have to repaint brick, replace dry rot or pest damage? Compare the insulating value of clay to wood. For us it is the king of sustainability and ambassador of comfort. For inspirational examples of brick used in modern design visit our pinterest page here. And for those of you who say, “Brick is boring”, I hope you’ll look at it just a bit differently from now on and consider it for your next project. I know I will. Cheers!

FOR SALE | Skyfall Lodge

 2 Bedroom + 2 Bath + Bonus Spaces | $275,000 | MLS#585074
29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-002-View-666x445-72dpi

Being avid James Bond fans, our clients, wanted to find their own countryside retreat when moving to the Asheville area. While far from being an English Tudor, the couple did find a contemporary Deltec home nestled into the edge of the woods in pastoral Leicester, thusly crowned Skyfall Lodge._X2A7508

Unlike an English Tudor home, the round shape with big and bright windows offered them views of both the trees and the mountains. They feel gently embraced by nature. 29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-005-Living Room-666x443-72dpi

Here is how Deltec of Asheville describes their homes, “In a time where more and more technology separates us from our roots, many choose to retreat to nature and to the peace that can be found there. We are even incorporating this desire into our homes and homebuilding. What better way to escape from the rigors of our hectic lives than to retreat to a space designed with nature in mind?Int Comp

Utilizing many eco-friendly construction practices, Deltec allows homeowners to not only feel a kinship with the earth, but to tread lightly upon it as well. Circular homes bring another dimension into our lives, one that if often forgotten, the dimension of a beautiful space linking us with our forbearers’ send of free-living and connectedness to the earth.”

I asked our clients what they loved about living here and most of their reflections revolved around nature and their relationship to it. He loves that the fireflies start their dance for his birthday in early June. July he looks forward to the Katydids singing at night. Far from machine gun fire, they enjoy sitting on the deck and hearing nothing but the wind in the trees or the laughter of friends when he is making his masterful barbecue.29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-029-Deck-666x443-72dpi

While being a private retreat they both enjoy entertaining. The large deck and open kitchen allows them generous and easy options for friendly gatherings. And given that they are only 11 miles to downtown it is an easy commute for their guests to come and play. 29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-010-Dining Room-666x443-72dpi

Some people may still ask “Why Deltec?” Since 1968, Deltec Homes has literally reshaped living. They have taken one of the most unique yet time-proven design concepts in history—the circular home—and added their own touch to create custom-designed, high performance homes that are adaptable, incredibly strong and affordable.

Every Deltec Home is built by using a combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques and old-fashioned craftsmanship. They build each home one at a time, to create spacious living with open floor plans that don’t box you in, and panoramic views that bring the outdoors in.29 White Eagle Way Leicester-small-021-Master Bedroom-666x443-72dpi

While Deltec homes aren’t completely hurricane proof, their shape, their construction and engineering can almost guarantee you’ll survive a rare violent outburst by mother nature or a helicopter attack from a lifelong nemesis unlike the fate of the original Skyfall Lodge. In that regards our clients have one better trick up their sleeve than 007.

To see the full virtual tour of this home click here. Want to see the home give the Modern Asheville Real Estate team a call. Cheers!

Marcel Breuer | Happy Birthday

Breuer CompMarcel Breuer was born in 1902 on this day and I thought, as always, it was an appropriate day to showcase some information on Asheville’s own Weizenblatt House in Lakeview Park. When driving through the neighborhood I always go out of my way to get just a glimpse. Here is a link for more on the Weizenblatt House which is actually a duplex. And below is a photo of the studies building on the former Black Mountain College. The building was designed by both Marcel and Walter Gropius then built by students in 1940 and 1941. Happy Birthday Marcel and thanks for leaving your mark on Asheville!Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.25.37 AM

Suspended Torques

IMG_1024While at the Sherrill Center for some Keller Williams customer service training we noticed this activating sculpture suspended in the entry. The artist, Jeremy Holmes, created the piece during a one-week residency for students of the Art Department at UNC Asheville led by sculpture Jeremy Holmes. Students learned the process of bending wood and participated in a large-scale installation within this public space. The residency was sponsored by The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design located in downtown Asheville.

WNC Design Guide | Launch Event

WNCModern Asheville was represented by Kelly last evening at the opening event for the WNC Design Guide. The event took place at the Cliffs Country Club with artists, designers and patrons attending. The WNC Design Guide aspires to be your source for handcrafted fine craft and art for elegant mountain living in Western North Carolina. Curious to know more? Click here. Cheers to them!WNC Art

FOR SALE | Creston Cabin Lot

Thomas Lawton designed Mid-Century Styled Cabin Plans AvailableCreston Comp We recently listed this private view lot in the eco minded community of Creston Mountain outside of the town of Black Mountain. The lot is 1.05 acres and is listed at $99,500. The current owner of this easy build lot previously worked with architect Thomas Lawton to design a contemporary cabin as his writer’s retreat. The 2 bedroom, 1000 sqft cabin hugs the gentle slope while opening to the mountain view. The design of the cabin Lawton Compincorporates mid-century styling through horizontal lines along the earth topped with asymmetric gable roofs framing clerestory windows for ultimate mountain and sky views. Lot conservation and use of natural materials also influenced the design. Here is a link to the listing or email us at for more information.

Article from Dwell | Cost-Effective Modern Homes

We found this article from Dwell had some crafty tidbits for helping your budget in making your own modern home, whether you are remodeling something existing of building from scratch. To view the article click here. Enjoy!Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 6.02.41 PM