Barbara Fisher – Painter


Small Pieces, Big Picture

I sat down with Barbara this afternoon and talked with her in between the noise from the trains that cross behind her studio building in the River Arts District of Asheville.   Like me – her mind jumps around from one thing to another.  This shows in her work where she creates boxes for all the fragmented thoughts, symbols of self and life that somehow become a whole.  She puts her feet – or brush – in one place and finds she has to move to balance it with something else.  She has a great understanding of the bigger picture of life and where all the small things fit together.  In the end her compositions find balance.  All the puzzle pieces fit together.

I thought it was interesting and appropriate to learn that Barbara likes to develop crossword puzzles on the side.  She remains determined having been rejected by New York Times on a few occasions.

In her studio my eye was drawn to a piece titled Finger Forest.  It was a black and white charcoal drawing shown beside her in the photo.  Even in black and white it had character, story, movement and depth.  Like in architecture – I love it when people express so much with so little.  It was a generation of stories in a one-minute, elevator interview.  Barbara moves back and forth from color to black & white.  She is living a process of discovery all the while being a prolific creator.  By the end of the talk we both found we were two pieces of the puzzle that is the modern spirit of the Asheville community.

Barbara’s can be found at .  Or visit her at her studio at 170 Lyman St.

(text and photo by Troy Winterrowd)


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