Hotel Indigo

designed by Calloway Johnson Moore and WestMicrosoft Word - 3D-Elevations.doc

Hotel Indigo is a new boutique hotel situated on the edge of downtown where the former Chamber of Commerce building sat.  It can’t be missed towering over the highway 240 while currently under construction.  

Here is information provided by reporter Mark Barrett of the Citizen-Times:  The building will contain 100 hotel rooms and 12 condominium units.  Hotel Indigo is a relatively new brand of InterContinental Hotels Group, a United Kingdom based company.  The chain is “very artsy and eclectic,” and Hotel Indigos are designed individually instead of employing chainwide, cookie cutter designs.  This new hotel is designed by a local company.

4 responses to “Hotel Indigo

  1. Which local firm designed this hotel? It seems odd to mention the uniqueness of the architecture without saying who’s architecture it is.

    • Asheville Modern Architecture, Design and Real Estate

      Thanks David. It does state at the top the designer is Calloway Johnson Moore and West. Am I misunderstanding your question? Take care, Troy

      PS. If you are from this firm I would enjoy an opportunity to visit and write up some information on it. I have yet to have the opportunity. Thanks.

  2. I love that building. Asheville needs more like it.

  3. This needs to be updated. There are three Luxury fractional owner condos on the 11th Floor and one full ownership condo on the 10th Floor. Soon the entire 10th floor will be fractional. The 12th and penthouse level are 8 each floor luxury suites that the hotel rents for $500 + per night.
    Byron Greiner, BIC Club 151

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