Mark Allison Home

Designed by Mark Allison

Constructed 2007

In the words of Mark Allison, an excerpt from his Dwell Magazine submission.1ch

In 2007 my wife and I decided to build our dream home on a parcel of land that we purchased about 8 years ago. The goal was to make the house as environmentally sound as possible and also to stay within budget. We succeeded on the first goal.

The house is sited on a 1.5 acre lot in close proximity to the city of Asheville. This minimizes fuel usage for vehicles.

The orientation of the house is to the east due to the slope so a clerestory was incorporated that faces south for passive solar heating and daylighting.

The house is thin and long to hug the relatively steep site. This minimized the amount of grading and blends the house into its surroundings.

The excellent Icynene insulation was used along with high efficiency heating systems.

Cementitious siding, cedar siding, metal roofing, and stone were used for low maintenance and longevity.

To avoid waste the same finish materials were used throughout the project. Trim was eliminated or used in very small profiles. The trim used in the house is 10% of what might be used in a typical house of this size.

Our satisfaction with the house is met monthly with low energy bills and the knowledge that we made a difference.

More images of the house can be seen at:

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