Gracious Ranch Home living in Grove Park

By now we all know I am a big fan of the Ranch home.  I recently acquired a new friend who just so happens to share my passion for the them.  His own Ranch home is a spacious and gracious home that sits just above the Grove Park Inn quietly embraced by the woods and enjoying a beautiful, long range, mountain view.  Let’s take a look!

One of the first things you will notice about this four bedroom home location is that you are in the mountains, yet, there is no steep driveway and no staircases.  You have easy mountain living all on one level living.  The owner states, ” I have an aversion to steps.”  From the driveway, through the subterranean garden and all the way through to the master suite you can almost glide along this flat, comfortable and open floor plan.  There are large openings from room to room so you can effortlessly move throughout the 3000 sq/ft house.  Overall, it is comfortable and welcoming.

Stylisticly, this unassuming Ranch becomes a neutral background that welcomes you to create your own life.  Whether you prefer antiques, modern or prefer eclectic – the Ranch steps out of the way to let your own belongings take center stage.  The owner here has accumulated furnishings from many periods.  He finds his neutral home a gallery for his own personal style.  The eclectic mix is supported in the dining room by the clean horizontal lines mixed with traditional wall covering and cabinetry.

“Along with decor, the Ranch is low maintainance,” says the owner.  The simple plan and construction are easy to access and manipulate saving time and money.   There is simply less to do which allows more time for living life.

Here in the basement the owner has kept and enhanced the original aesthetic of the house.  As time as past many of us grew up in Ranch homes and now find warmth and comfort in the nostaglia of that period.  Mid-century is the charming, new antique of today.

Due to the Ranch style’s narrow plan and large picture windows you can easily be surrounded in nature.  This house is enveloped by its wooded mountain setting.  Even though the house can appear as a box it opens up to allow nature to spill in.

There is also some built in versatility which is important these days.  The main floor has three nice bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the downstairs has a full bedroom suite with bathroom and another living space.  This flexibility can allow for a renter or multiple generations under one roof.  A trend that we will probably see more of in the future.

In the past, the owner has lived in some heavily designed, architecturally dynamic homes.  At this time in his life he has chosen this clean and simple ranch home as it offers him “livibility”.  “I find a gracious simplicity in living here.  I am so comfortable I find it hard to leave,” he says.  As we sat and talked for three hours in the cozy sitting area by the kitchen while enjoying the mountain view – I had to agree.

Text and Photos by Troy Winterrowd

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