FOR SALE – The Residences at 151

Luxury Condominiums

1500 – 2300 sq/ft    $910,000 – $1,450,000

After touring these new luxury condominiums today I found I was impressed by the details and design.  They are definitely a step up from anything else offered in downtown Asheville at this time.  Plus, they have views that no one else can offer.  The current models have been furnished by Four Corners.  They did a nice job of bringing in a warm, modern feel.  Having seen the marketing materials previously, I was expecting a cold and hard feeling space.  What I saw was very liveable, clean and warm.  I left wanting one for myself. 

Here is how their marketing materials describe them, “From the integration of tasteful regional motifs…to ergonomically curved walls…and aesthetically designed interiors…no detail has been overlooked in The Residences.  These elegan units invite you with spacious living areas, private outdoor terraces, and tasteful furnishings that harmonize the juxtaposing urban and natural landscapes.  Each unit will be draped in the serenity of floor-to-ceiling windows offering specatcular panaroamic views of downtown Asheville and the surrounding moutains.”

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