FOR SALE – 206 Windwhisper Drive

MLS# 459104      $360,000

1460 SF     2 bedrooms and 2 baths

Listed by: Beverly-Hanks

The ECO LUX RESIDENCE E5.1 ENERGY HOME is designed with Intelligent Living in mind.  Here, Intelligent Living means living wisely and efficiently in a luxurious and simply designed home that has the potential to produce more energy than it uses.  With Solar & Wind Turbine technologies in use, as well as optimal architectural, building and construction practices, the E5s will be built first to conserve, then to create-energy.  The goal of ECO LUX is to think things through from the beginning.  Everything from choosing wisely from where the home is built, to optimal orientation of the home, to use of innovative design, construction processes and materials.  The goal of the E5.1 is to make a new choice available for home owners.

Some of the features include small footprint design, two covered decks, designed to produce energy, highest efficiency energy star appliances, minimal intrusion on the land, renewable power sources and maximization of natural light.

2 responses to “FOR SALE – 206 Windwhisper Drive

  1. Thanks for the information you have provided here and the site photographs you have provided here is really cool

    • Asheville Modern Architecture, Design and Real Estate

      Thank you Nora. I appreciate yours as well. Hope it is working good for you.

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