Urban Prototype by architect Mark Allison

One of the things I feel strongly about is the need for interesting infill housing and mixed use buildings to better serve the residents of our community.  Mark Allison is always exploring these issues.  I was excited to see his design for this duplex/mixed use style dwelling.  As a realtor I have many clients looking for such properties to either lower their initial investment, to share common spaces and/or to gain some return on their investment.  Here is what Mark has to say about his design strategy.

“Infill housing strengthens the urban core so that we are not forced to use our cars to get from place to place. This 6,500 square foot prototype is shown on a ¼ acre semi-urban lot, but can be adapted for zero lot line situations. The front of the building can house a business or a cafe, enhancing the experience of the street. Automobile and bicycle storage is provided in the rear of the building. The two dwelling units feature open living, dining, and kitchen areas with a powder room on the middle level. Two bedrooms with private baths along with a private porch are located on the top level. Some other green features include solar water heating, rainwater collection, and energy efficient construction.”

Images courtesy of Mark Allison

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