More For Less

An Interview with Builder – David Way

At last I was able to spend some time with David Way, a local builder who has found a way to create efficient and smart homes here in Asheville.  Over the years I have toured his homes in Montford and East Asheville and have remarked on how functional and fun they are.  Building upon challenging infill lots he constructs something lightlivable and inspiring.

He has recently completed this modern spec home for owner Chris Barlas (right).  Chris owned a flag lot near UNC and wanted to build a rental house there.  I asked Chris why he picked David to build his home.  Chris says, “I have been watching homes for two years and every time I saw a house I liked it had been built by David Way.”  David and Chris both enjoyed working together and admitted the process was entirely smooth.  David likes to keep the process organic so things can change as they come up allowing for owner input.

David has been tinkering with home design since high school.  It was his preferred subject for doodling.  He was constantly reviewing architecture magazines and was fortunate to work for an architect during high school.  Following he earned a 2 year degree in construction before working for a developer for a few years.  There he learned a lot about construction efficiencies.  He now works on his own and has two other guys that work with him.  They have a workshop where they like to do all the millwork and specialty finishes for his projects.


Some of the signature traits of David’s homes are 2 x 6 framework, 9 foot ceilings, double insulated windows, tankless water heaters and tavern grade wood floors.  His goal is to build long lasting, durable and efficient homes for his clients.  Even though David’s talent clearly shows through his aesthetic his favorite compliment is how little his clients need to adjust the thermostat.

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