Asheville Architects in Final Round of International Design Competition

R2S, a design collaboration of Asheville residents Peyton Shumate, Lindsey Rhoden and Thad Rhoden, submitted a 1600sf modern residence design named The Outside(In) House for the Who’s Next 2.0 Design Competition. This competition is hosted by FreeGreen, an online business devoted to promoting more modern and energy efficient stock plans. Announced on Monday, The Outside(In) House placed in the top 50, of over 400+ design entries. If one of the top 3, R2S will be paid to complete the house plans that will then be available for purchase at

Peyton Shumate and Lindsey Rhoden work for PBC+L Architecture and Thad Rhoden works for Architectural Design Studio, both downtown firms. “Design competitions are fun. They allow the creative freedom that most client-based projects do not and also give the three of us an opportunity to work together. If we are able to make this project a reality, that’s even better!”, says Lindsey. The three architects were classmates at Clemson University.

Architects of Western North Carolina have had luck with this competition in the past. In the spring of 2010, the Who’s Next 1.0 Competition 1st Place winner was Asheville architect Daryl Rantis, and R2S (Rhoden, Rhoden & Shumate) placed in the top 12. The unique aspect about this competition is that the winners are determined by judging and also public vote.

To see the design and vote, go to: Voting ends January 29, 2011. Please note: a confirmation link in an email will come from FreeGreen to validate your vote.

For more on R2S – check out

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