Interior Mixology

Blending Down Home with Uptown

I sat down over a cup of coffee with interior designer Leslie Anne Huntley today to spend a few minutes finding out about what motivated her as a designer. She had dreamed of doing interior design for years following a career in education. Her passion nagged at her long enough to finally take the plunge and earn her degree in Interior Design from Western Carolina University. She followed that by working for a company designing high end, contemporary kitchens and baths. Dreaming of far off spaces beyond the kitchen she started her own company, Roost Interior Design, to broaden her creative world and design portfolio.

Leslie’s mantra is to work with what you have mixing the old with the new. She enjoy’s working with the client’s existing lifestyle and possessions by repurposing and enhancing the space in ways that seem completely new, but not foreign to her clients. She says,” my mission at Roost is to help synthesize my clients’ tastes into a harmonious space. It’s not about my personal taste, but helping our clients to discover the ingredients for an environment that brings comfort and happiness to them.”

I was able to get a quick tour of a home that Leslie recently completed, a cozy bungalow in Montford within walking distance to downtown. Showcasing the charming, historic bones of the cottage she opened up, lightened and added a layer of modernist sparkle, polish and shine to bring together a time blended interior that could appeal to a variety of clientele. Overall, I appreciated her eclectic “Metropolitan Home” style aesthetic that professionally balanced warm & comfortable with cool & clean.

Article by Troy Winterrowd, Photos provided by Roost

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