The Art of Leslie Hinton

Today, the last day of July, I took a drive up the French Broad River to Marshall, NC. There stands an old high school full of art studios in a beautiful quaint town with an industrial river location. It was one of those days where that was perpetually threatened by a late summer storm creating shimmering trees. Beautiful.

I was visiting one of my favorite young new artists – Leslie Hinton. My aim was to pick up two platters I had purchased from her. By the time I left I purchased four more pieces leaving with six. Ouch! Fun! Art is my weakness having worked with artists all over the country and have had my own art gallery before.

Leslie was great. A fellow Cancer exploring the depths of her love and darkness all in one. As you know we wear everything on our sleeves so she portrays it all on the surface of her art. Her art is both sophisticated and naive. It is both city and mountain. It is asian and american. It is young and it is old. Obviously, I was weak for it. I have already hung them around my pad and look forward to helping her find new outlets for her craft. Truly, she is one to watch!

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