Gallery 17: A Grand Opening

I had to take a moment to applaud some of my artist friends who were part of a new gallery opening just across the border in Greenville, SC last night. Where have I been? Cheers to Alicia Chatham, Barbara Fisher and Stephen Lange! Sorry I missed your opening, but all my best in spreading your wings. I’ll visit soon.

Gallery 17

For more on the new Gallery 17 click here.

One response to “Gallery 17: A Grand Opening

  1. thanks, Troy! sorry I didn’t tell you about it. It’s a good thing – Greenville needs a good gallery. What is your US Mail address? I have a card I want to send you – I’m having a show at the Hickory Art Museum opening March 23 (no opening but it will be up through June 23). also a show opening May 17 at Mason Murer in Atlanta. Stop by and see me before all my work is gone! bf

    [image: Inline image 1]

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