SOLD: 5 Colonial Place

Colonial PLace mainSale Price: $340,000

Size: 1710 sqft

Features: 3 Beds + 2 Baths

I was happy to find that this compact and clever infill house had recently sold. My past clients and I have been a big fan of David Way’s Pereguine urban prototype home and have been watching its evolution over the years. After touring I thought that this one was his best yet. Everything was thoughtfully refined including the scale, space planning, material choices, cool construction details such as the industrial guttering, and the great rear outdoor living space. It felt complete and…well…just really sexy.

Colonial Place Int. Comp

Here is how the listing agent had described it. “You have heard it before but….this is a true must see. It will hook you the moment you open the door. Cypress/tile exterior, hardwood, porcelain and ceramic interior. From the porcelain surround fireplace with hearth bench to the white quartz counters and exquisite cabinetry this home will surely hook the discerning buyer. Tremendous lighting, state of the art appliances,upscale faucets, spa like master suite. Come take a look at this jewel.”

For more on David’s designs visit The Roost Store. Or give me a call for an introduction to this cool home style unique to Asheville.

Pereguine Comp

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