Carlton’s Highland View Residence

Asheville architect, Rob Carlton, and his team are competing in the Marvin Architect’s Challenge Showdown with their Highland View Residence. Give them your support!

Highland View Main

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the residence overlooks a mountain lake with expansive mountain views beyond. The design ties the home to its surroundings and enhances the ability to experience both home and nature together. The entry level serves as the primary living space and is situated into three groupings; a great room, a guest suite and a master suite. A glass connector links the master suite while creating space for terrace and garden areas.

To see more photos of this project and to vote click here.

Highland view right

2 responses to “Carlton’s Highland View Residence

  1. Patricia Raper

    Beautiful home. I am looking for a home such as this in the Asheville area but thus far I cannot seem to find one. Any suggestions?

  2. Asheville Modern Architecture, Design and Real Estate

    Hi Patricia. I would be happy to casually discuss this with you by phone when convenient. Thank you, Troy

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