Greensboro and Guilford County Modern Tour

I wanted to help spread the word about the MODERNIST HOUSE TOUR & SYMPOSIUM in Greensboro on 10-13 October.  There will be  free lectures by Sandy Isenstadt, Cynthia de Miranda, Sally Warther, and my friend Patrick Lee Lucas, a couple of special events on Friday and a weekend symposium. I know everyone will learn something about Modernism in Greensboro and North Carolina as a result.

loew_tourinvite 21aug13

On Saturday (10am-4pm) and Sunday (1-4pm), tours will be offered of nine Modernist houses in Greensboro and Guilford County. A number of them were designed by Edward Loewenstein…but Modernism doesn’t stop there in Greensboro as the tour includes houses by Gerard Gray, the builder J. Hiatt, and Pittsburgh-based architect Sylvester Damianos.  We hope you might make your way to the Gate City for this special weekend.  Read more about the tour and the houses featured online.

Tickets available online:



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