Calling All Modern Asheville Home Buyers

Your Information Needed

Asheville Modern Home Seekers and other Brokers – I would appreciate your time and input to help influence future housing developments here in Asheville for two similar reasons.

1.  As housing exists today in Asheville, I believe we are missing inventory to meet specific buyer expectations for today. My frustrated clients would agree. Kelly and I are currently in touch with developers and builders for various locations including photo 4the River Arts District, a riverside just north of downtown and scenic mountain properties. I can’t give details, but they involve container housing, modular and site built, age-in-place, one level modern. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your specific needs and desires to help get consensus as these properties go into design development. Let’s avoid the arbitrary. Furthermore, I will create a mailing list for interested parties to imageskeep you informed of future developments you might be interested in.

2. To further communicate what is missing, I’m putting together a lecture/discussion that is partially on what people are seeking as housing options in Asheville. This information will be used to help influence builders and designers regionally. As a designer/realtor myself I’m working to bridge the gap I see in today’s Asheville housing stock.

If interested, please email me at and leave me with the best time and way to reach you. Help me – help you. Let’s co-design and, literally, build a better future here in Asheville.

Thank you,


(the above photos are representational only)

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