Ranch Renovation in Fairview

Kelly and I stopped by to see the progress on one of our clients newly purchased 2400 sqft ranch home. Having quickly sold their new modern house in North Asheville for them we were able to find a fixer upper ranch home built in 1967. The home is located in the pastoral setting of the Fairview IMG_2970horse farms where our clients can enjoy horseback and motorcycle riding. The house needed complete updating so we brought in some of our designer and contractor resources to discuss the possibilities and costs with them  before completing the purchase.


On the exterior the roof is being replaced with standing seem metal with matching gutters. The shutters will be removed, new windows put in and the brick will be painted a gray to give the home a streamlined modern look. Landscaping will be minimal so the house will appear to float above the pastures and leave the views uninhibited.


On the interior the main living spaces are being opened up to make one flowing entertaining space. This will open up the views to both sides of the house and expose the mid-century style fireplace to the kitchen and dining. New oak wood floors are being put down throughout the house. The master bedroom is being reconfigured to add in a larger bath and built in closets.

Stay tuned as Kelly and I continue to check in on the progress of this home and another recent ranch home purchase and renovation.

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