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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKelly and I visited with local jewelry artist Matt Smith this past week. We’ve been ogling his hand-crafted bangles online for several months and we were eager to see it first hand. Matt lives in the Mountainbrook neighborhood of Asheville along with his wife, Gwynne Rukenbrod, and sweetly nested with a pair of adorable dogs and cats. Mountainbrook is a relaxed mid-century, ranch neighborhood tucked away in nearby Chunns Cove. Matt has created a shop in the lower portion of their split-level, ranch where he skillfully crafts his inventory.Matt Comp 01

Matthew Smith began his creative career as a freelance graphic designer. Through his years in this field, he developed what he terms a “visually concise” design language. He also maintained a long running hobby as a woodworker and furniture maker. When a move to a new city required a dramatic downsizing of his studio, Smith began to focus on jewelry as a compact way to merge his diverse interests. He found inspiration from the jewelry designers of the mid-20th century who’s work emphasized strong design and alternative materials, over precious metals and gems.

I create modern jewelry that merges my graphic design and furniture making backgrounds, with my interest in mid-20th century design.”

Comp 02

Smith’s pieces begin as a graphic element which is worked and re-worked to develop the most concise expression of the concept. {You know I like that!} Design elements such as line weight, color, and pattern are translated into silver thickness, resin tint, and wood grain. Recently Smith has begun working with a new non-toxic plant-based casting resin, which he tints with non-toxic painter’s pigments.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhere does one find his work? Locally, it is showcased at Woolworth Walk and Mora Designer Jewelry. Come and personally meet him and Gwynne at our next Modern Mixer or find out more at





2 responses to “Modern Craft | Matthew Smith Jewelry

  1. Gwynne Rukenbrod

    Hi Troy, This is a great post and thank you for highlighting Matt and his work. I noticed that the two galleries you mentioned are ones that are no longer open and I wondered if you could change it put for the ones he is in that are open, Woolworth Walk and Mora. Thanks and thanks again for the great party too! Thanks! Gwynne

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