Modern Homes | From Suburbia to Beyond

From West to North Asheville and from Town Mountain Road to the southern slopes of Candler, there are numerous modern homes orbiting our earthly community — one for every guru in town. A few are in design phases while others are completing construction with moving trucks arriving around the corner. We haven’t seen this many contemporary residences under construction since the sixties.Mod Comp

One of our preferred builders is near completion on the stealthy Lakeview Park modern home above & left. {Stay tuned for more on this one} I have friends just framing up their Town Mountain contemporary neighboring the Governer’s western residence. You should see the quality framing going on there! We even have builders starting to market modern design options for homes in developing communities. Mercury is out of retrograde and Jupiter has aligned with Modern.

If you are interested in your own sleek nest you can always call your astrologer, but why bother the middle man when you have Kelly and myself. Reach out and let us help you make your modern here in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Namaste Y’all!


2 responses to “Modern Homes | From Suburbia to Beyond

  1. Grant Hellyer


    Our framers appreciated your accolades.



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