How to Live without Air Conditioning

Ideas from the Boston Globe

Yesterday, Kelly and I returned from Atlanta’s Modern Home Tour to find my pad rather stuffy. Having been in and out of air conditioned places all day I had become conditioned to air conditioning and decided to get my unit out of the closet and secure it to its seasonal position in the window a month earlier than previous years. Given my 600sqft plB.Globe_No ACace it requires very little. Still I found myself feeling a bit of shame for not being able to stomach a bit of mild discomfort. Having grown up in humid summers I was able to survive and adjust my behavior to live without air conditioning. And living in the mountains we are graced with cooler summers. Until the past decade most homes did not have air conditioning here. I’m not proposing a direction here, but questioning our mindfulness in making choices. Given the mechanics of the last 50 years our designs and lifestyles have evolved to forget how we built in the past and how we adjusted our behavior. Is there a way to incorporate both — a conscious balance that minimizes our usage? Here is a great article from the Boston Globe that digs a bit deeper. Enjoy! Troy

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