Architect Introduction | Felipe Santander


The Lopez House above is a 1500 sqft beach cabin. The goal was to enhance the views as well as blend the house with the site trees. All the rooms were designed with floor-to-ceiling windows while the access incorporates a wooden grid that provides privacy and integrates the house to the eucalyptus.

Kelly and I had the privilege of acquainting ourselves with architect and new Asheville resident Felipe Santander in our office a week back. Felipe and his wife moved here from the West Coast just one month ago and reached out to us for a visit. Often, we enjoy having designers come share lunch with us in our office as a break from our daily real estate work.Office

Felipe received his Architecture degree at the Finis Terrae University in Santiago, Chile in 2007. Following, he was recruited by professor and founder of WMR Arquitectos as a design architect and construction manager to develop high-end residences, mountain cabins and boutique hotels. Their work has been recognized widely by many publications, both nationally and internationally.

Looking to expand his skills, Felipe went to work for an international engineering company Arcadis, to be a lead project architect and project coordinator. Projects included a new design for Easter Island airport and an astronomical observatory for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, the world’s largest three-mirror telescope.Ruiz.House

In 2011, Felipe moved from Chile to California. There he studied Permaculture at the Urban Permaculture Institute in San Francisco. With his permaculture certification, Felipe co-founded Integrated Habitats, a San Francisco based design studio. Integrated Habitats offers consultation, planning, and implementation of ecological spaces, from small-scale private residences to large-scale agroecological projects.

Eager to make his design come to life in the East Coast, Felipe and his family moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Inspired by the unique surroundings of the Appalachian Mountains Felipe is excited to share his vision for modern architecture and landscape design. A vision that incorporates the principles of permaculture and is modeled upon natural ecosystems.MR.House1

The MR House above is a 2,500 sqft house designed with simple and delicate lines. Elevate by dry-stone walls, the house creates a new stand to the hilly landscape of the surroundings. Stones were collected from the local query, blending the structure to the existing landscape. The second floor has a 13 foot cantilever above the first, capturing panoramic views of the valley.

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