Designing Our Future | Promiscuous Hybrids

Promiscuous Hybrids

I’m kicking off a new series of posts inspired by the new construction in Asheville. Being both a designer and realtor I’m hyper-conscious of the changes occurring with our built environment. Kelly, myself and our chosen families witness discussions by both designers and citizens regarding the new hotels, apartments and commercial structures that are stamped out and replicated here along with other cities. What do these new constructions say about Asheville that is different than…say…Charlotte, Milwaukee or Tampa?Asheville Bad Comp

We have a unique past, including architecture, that is part of our cultural fabric and economic draw to the area. Furthermore, we are here because Asheville is incredibly rich in geography, history, spirituality, creative talent, environmental consciousness and an independent desire to do things differently and want a different life. Change is a given. I welcome the business and what it affords both my intimate circle and the community I love. However, I find myself wondering what our buildings could be doing that help steward our town into its own unique future inspired by what is here and the vision of our local talent? What life, culture, brand and future do WE want for ourselves decades from now?

Yes, I’m a bit of a dreamer and I don’t know all the complexities {yet} that create these results. However, for me and others, Asheville has the resources to lead the way for something new. I simply ask the questions — are we missing an opportunity? Could we do things differently and what would that look like? For the moment, I leave you with this video as an opportunity to step outside the box we know and offer a different vision of architecture within a particular community. Please enjoy! Troy

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