Designing Our Future | Food for Thought

Typically, my brain likes to keep itself busy looking at issues from many angles. This includes development and the built environment. As I consider Asheville, it is easy for me to consider things like architecture, transportation, culture, usage and development. Admittedly, here is something I hadn’t considered — food.

Before agriculture, permanent settlements did not and could not exist. Architect Carolyn Steel discusses how food has shaped the cities we live in, urging watchers to realize that our world is made from what we eat. Estimating that the population of cities will double by 2050, she frames food as a powerful tool to positively shape our future urban environments.
Asheville seems to be doing better at this than most cities with its variety of market options inclusive of community and developing urban farms. I simply share this video to bring this thinking into my own and other people’s consciousness and, also, as another layer to stewarding our developing town in a sustainable and enriching way for those of us who live here. Obviously, there are already many folks thinking about it here. Cheers to them!


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