FOR SALE | Unit 403 at 12 S Lexington

12 S Lexington Ave Unit 403-MLS_Size-006-Living Room-580x436-72dpiCheck out our newest downtown condo listing. It consists of 1 bedroom, 1 bath and 1 parking space. This warm, sophisticated and efficient downtown condo was originally laid out by architect Robert Todd. The space has been refined to get the most out of a small space including a bedroom loft space over the main closet. Everything is at your fingertips on the inside while being a doorstep away from the best of downtown on the outside. The Juliet balcony offers views of downtown’s deco architecture and Beaucatcher mountains. Want to see more? Watch the virtual tour.12 S Lexington Ave Unit 403-MLS_Size-026-Building-580x436-72dpi

The building has a 25% rental cap and is currently at 18% making this a potential for an investor. Want to know more about this building? Below is a brief article I wrote on it in 2009. Cheers!

12 South Lexington Ave.

designed by Camille-Alberice Architects

thThis modern, downtown mixed-use building was created as a quality, low-maintenance structure that respects Asheville’s historic architecture. 12 South Lexington, designed by Camille-Alberice Architects was completed in 2007 and recently added to the list of architecturally successful new buildings in downtown. Overlooking Pack Square and Patton Avenue, the 7-story building includes 2 commercial spaces, 43 residential condos including 5 penthouse suites and 49 parking spaces.

Green and Sustainable features:

  • Considered a smart growth project because the site was an underutilized parking lot and not a green space.
  • A great majority of the materials used in the building are recyclable:-
  • The steel frame for the building was manufactured from over 200 recycled automobiles.
  • The steel stud framing is also manufactured from recycled steel.
  • The lower roof is sodded to absorb rainwater, provide insulation and protect the inner roof membrane.
  • The wood floors are primarily of bamboo, a sustainable, harvested material.
  • The thermal envelope of the building exceeds the building code requirement by approximately 14%.
  • Aluminum, double-paned glass windows and doors, lower the energy costs for homeowners and HOA alike and can be opened to take advantage of Asheville’s fantastic weather and reduce the need for AC.
  • Parking decks under the units reduces the footprint of the building.

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