CLOSED | A Room with a View

Kelly and I closed on this luxury condo today nestled above downtown. Our buyer clients, and Modern Asheville fans, called us wanting a minimal and modernist summer escape from the Texas heat. With lack of inventory in general, especially modern properties, we were able to place them in this Ardmion Comphome which gave them the romantic setting they were looking for. Bringing in one of our design and build team members to plan and budget, Kelly was then able to negotiate a deal that would accommodate modernizing the interior. Today, Kelly wrangled it to a close. Tomorrow, Sally Spiegel and her team will start to demo. Go girl power! By late spring some more happy clients will be enjoying their own modern lifestyle in the mountains of Asheville. Watch along as our team helps more folks make their modern.

Did I tell you that we love what we do! Cheers! Kelly and Troy

One response to “CLOSED | A Room with a View

  1. These people are sure to love the view from their new place. The interior looks like it has a lot of potential. They are definitely going to love their second home!

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