UNCA Architecture Tour | Phillips Hall

Built in 1961 | Designed by SIX ASSOCIATESPhillips-Hall

As one of the first buildings on UNCA’s new location built on former farm land, Phillips Hall is the University’s main administration building. Phillips Halls was completed in 1961 having been designed local architects SIX ASSOCIATES. In 1970 the building was officially named in honor of Robert F. Phillips, a member of the UNCA Board of Governors and the Asheville-Biltmore College Board of Trustees.Phillips Comp

Phillips Hall, which features a breezeway connecting two wings, currently houses the administrative offices of the Chancellor and the vice chancellors for Academic Affairs, Administration, Finance and Human Resources.

A special thinks to Kevan from Asheville By Foot for my personal tour of UNCA and helping gather information on the campus. Cheers! Troy

One response to “UNCA Architecture Tour | Phillips Hall

  1. My dad’s company did the ironwork for both Phillips and Rhodes.

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