Marcel Breuer | Happy Birthday

Breuer CompMarcel Breuer was born in 1902 on this day and I thought, as always, it was an appropriate day to showcase some information on Asheville’s own Weizenblatt House in Lakeview Park. When driving through the neighborhood I always go out of my way to get just a glimpse. Here is a link for more on the Weizenblatt House which is actually a duplex. And below is a photo of the studies building on the former Black Mountain College. The building was designed by both Marcel and Walter Gropius then built by students in 1940 and 1941. Happy Birthday Marcel and thanks for leaving your mark on Asheville!Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.25.37 AM

2 responses to “Marcel Breuer | Happy Birthday

  1. Actually the Studies Building at Black Mountain College was done by Lawrence Kocher. The original plans drawn up by Walter Gropius and Breuer were shelved for lack of funding and the war.

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