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10353038_10205656165458588_6378752917551751663_nLast weekend we visited with architect Scott Huebner, a fellow AIA member, at his completed residential project on Evelyn Place for the Modern Atlanta sponsored home tour here in Asheville. This was following an office visit where we were able to sit down with him and see several of the projects he was working on. Below are some samples of some of his current projects on the drawing boards and the various design challenges. Enjoy! Kelly and Troy
Black Mountain Residence | Black Mountain NC
3 Bedroom + 2.5 Bath + Shop and Office SpacesL8skeVsSp0a-AZmoJf4VvQsDPrBGpO9knedUkxBUvw6aj-epoPcY65tIAVoozC2s4zcX_iRcMO99iV2fsZ2mLVC-Ce5LD3puUq8z7NFNAuUoWKn8TXMfGzuOO7P95ooHuTZwQySmtuBlOBNb-ERAr6nGe8_9mnDkaCSw92GWSzl1Tg6gYCOV1oiUABMGpCsLpBS9-
Designed for a newly relocated couple from Maryland, the 2600 sf home is perched on a steep, wooded site, overlooking the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  Large windows, a clean metal roof and steel structure allow the house to float lightly over the landscape.  Approached from the uphill side, the house and 2 car garage is accessed from a timber and steel bridge, allowing easy access to all main floor living spaces, master suite and office.  The lower floor includes two bedroom, bathroom, and a large shop space.
Beaverdam Residence | Asheville NC
3 Bedroom + 2.5 bath + Recreation and Office SpacesZ7K5Jv464y_g90vK5rzq3_RoSi5c9pTkf-yBt984LOSDrGN5IaDmBayz4Ld2WnIPel9XO-TC0zCaOtga_GleLzn8OY4rpJNYbxSED6FyqASa_BGOVD6NB1qI88gCbmPVbXKucOARNJHWVdY-A8GDnogHfclwAaH-uFw4G4enzm-c5UdoaZEnoGkGVu8tRBAOGowDq
Located along a beautiful, winding stretch of mountain road, the new 3500 sf house is sited on a steep wooded site with expansive views to Mt. Pisgah, downtown Asheville, and the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains beyond.  Designed with exposed timbers, steel and glass, the house displays a careful marriage of modern architecture with traditional and robust materials.
Riverview Residence | Asheville NC
3 bedroom + 2.5 bath+ Recreation and Office SpacesFi8ROpw_G0GpCpdVUB2OYVLZtGeJtsi2N1T2gBfU9AfQSxQzGZJgnb-Ij_MWCOFk9R4_Hd_S6UF38h1BmHwjfj1kh38KvVWeTgsI8FJraLxsOr-etf4V57fwcqhkP0xN6LK8-Bv4Kmk82Y0pfRaueMajJn6cnbwINNrCnDCaH90jyNw3xqXU9ebHpijIixSzt8ZYa
A new 2400 sf, contemporary home with a modest budget on a small and impossibly steep site in West Asheville.  The homeowner, newly relocated from Charlotte, wanted a home that expressed her adventuresome and vibrant personality.  The small footprint is configured in a 3 story tower, with attached garage, that cantilevers over the steep landscape with expressive steel structure.  The front courtyard provides a friendly face to the street while multiple rear terraces take advantage of the eastward views of distant mountain ranges and immediate views to the River Art District and French Broad River below.
Sunset Summit Residence | Asheville NC
4 bedroom + 4.5 bath + 3 Car GarageF8IR2ECI5YgaGe9c87BCR1IokVhyguyzxw6kBW9cMNu61OmQ_Re2yzlxnaHCrAvCPOrvrF-cOh9BU-uL5xsdsUzCJ15uu0jFQxl0_6FQVCOsTcrbpyjEpEarR-3ecCu0bHAg0efH0VYWDycJ5akIh9nPCQz9sHxTCd-qAZ_2GkUxCcLX05ftlEATykf4cexS0aGXD
An extensive, contemporary renovation to a neglected, modernist home from the late 60’s.  Large expanses of glass replace the dated, battered walls with small punched openings. A clean, standing seam metal roof replaces the failing, flat roof membrane.  In addition to a complete demolition (and opening up) of main level, the garage gets a 3rd bay, the lower level adds a bunk room and home theatre, and a dynamic third story addition takes full advantage of the jaw dropping and expansive views to the west.

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