Monday “Buyer” Mania

What a great Monday in the Modern Asheville Real Estate office for us and our buyer clients. First, Kelly and I closed on the {below left} Bert King designed home in the Country Club area for some buyers just moving to town. Literally, they arrived prior to closing with pets and air mattresses in tow to move into this cool, well-preserved home and start their life here in Asheville. Monday Comp

Secondly, Kelly, watching the market daily, jumped on the {above right} mid-century home just hitting the market over the weekend to place some local, first time home buyers into this cool, contemporary family home in South Asheville. Today, they are under contract. Kelly “the Closer” left the competition in the dust. BAM!11717326_10207210972851564_2464125858018290602_o

Third, new Buyer Specialist Matt Allen closed on a home for some local first time buyers as well. Go team! Of course this means only one thing…COCKTAILS!

One response to “Monday “Buyer” Mania

  1. wow…just WOW…and CONGRATULATIONS..!!!

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