Monday’s Modern Asheville Home

Wilson Architect’s Cool Crafted Nest in Kenilworth | This past week we met up with architects Aaron and Calder Wilson to see their latest project nearing completion. The 2700 sqft, 3 bedroom, Kenilworth home was designed for an artistic client relocating to Asheville. The requirements were a simple construction that was clean, low maintenance and designed to have an intimate relationship with the trees on the property. FrontThe exterior of the home remains minimal in expression. A composition of boxes express volumes of living spaces while entries are carved out both transitioning and giving clues to the interior beyond.

Upon entry your eyes are immediately drawn to the towering living room windows that frame nature much like Mondrian would have done. Past that the layered interior unfolds like a stage set.Dunkirk Comp Entry The open master bedroom loft suspends over the clean, modern kitchen supported by rhythmic steel and wood. Further beyond an industrial garage door opens to the exterior bringing nature into the owner’s work space. The simple, yet rich, interior blends three materials: steel, white walls and wood harvested from the property; both maple for cabinets and oak for flooring.

The master suite loft is accessed by floating wood stairs on steel to keep the home open and flowing. Likewise, the modern spa-like master bath is anchored by a bathtub that was required to be floating in the trees for the owner. Dunkirk Master Comp

Bob Callahan of BuiltSmart builders crafted the home with his team. Bob, who builds only one home per year, was a key partner in flushing out details and enhancing the design of the home. The building envelope was framed with 8″ SIPs panels making it super insulated. Bob states the home will have a Hers Score of 55 when completed given the overall efficiency. This means the home will be almost 50% more efficient than others in the US.Wilsons

Overall, the home’s simple appearance masks the sophisticated design thought behind the construction which is one of the cool aspects of modern design. The Wilson’s, who helped steward HGTV’s Urban Oasis into reality, have mindfully molded a light stage for living freely while creating and having a daily conversation with the trees. What else could one ask for from a modern nest in Asheville? Cheers to Calder and Aaron!

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