For the Love of Our City

Today, in terms of Asheville city development we hear more frustration and worry from people in terms what is happening to our city. Mainly, that the physical development seems geared for tourism and not for those of us who live here. Residents feel less and less comfortable utilizing our city as it relates less and less to them. Despite the changes, we at Modern Asheville, believe in the power of our people and those who are passionate about living here, including ourselves. At the ground level we see those small business owners and organizations who are passionate about what they are doing and indirectly working to implement positive and sustainable changes in various aspects.

Above is a video message to contemplate. We have to thank one of our design minded buyer clients, Clif, for sharing this video with us. Ultimately, it gets to the core of how to maintain connection — the human heart. So, here is to rallying those who live in and love our city to continue to do the wonderful things they are doing towards creating a unique, human and living city in Asheville. We want to say thank you, we believe in you and how can we help? Cheers!

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