Modern Monday | The A-Frame House

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 5.03.08 AMI’ve been in the process of downsizing and simplifying my life over the past few years. Now that I’m down to 600 sqft with empty shelf space inside I’m starting to explore what that would mean in terms of a minimal construction and a low maintenance real estate investment for myself. Most Tiny Homes seem extreme and don’t offer the breathing space and light I require. Local designer David Way recently showcased a singular container home that got really close for me. Since then my exploration has led me to rediscover the A-Frame house which appears to offer the ability to have that indoor/outdoor relationship, height and light that personally would be more livable to me if designed appropriately.

The A-frame house is, indeed, an architectural house style that features steep angled sides as the roofline that usually begin at or near the foundation line and screen-shot-2015-10-17-at-8-55-19-ammeet at the top in the shape of the letter A. The triangle shape of this housing style has been present throughout history, but was more recently popular from the 1950’s to 1970’s.

Structurally speaking an A-frame is a basic structure designed to bear a load in a lightweight, economical manner. As an example, consider a saw horse which is designed to support a load bigger than itself while still be portable.

The post World War II popularity of the A-frame has been attributed to a combination of factors including American’s extra disposable income, the in-expensiveness of building an A-frame structure, and a new interest in acquiring a second home for vacationing. Given’s today’s renewed interest in mid-century, inspired design and tiny homes it seems a style worth revisiting. At Modern Asheville, we have been collecting images of past and present interpretations on one of our many pinterest boards here. Also, enjoy this collection published from from Dwell here. Enjoy!Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 8.51.52 AM

2 responses to “Modern Monday | The A-Frame House

  1. Can somebody tell me where this A Frame is? I am a location scout for film and TV and am interested in it.

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