Modern Monday

Mid-Century Modern Home Plans

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 6.10.11 AMWe have many clients coming to us who are looking for an authentic mid-century home. We do have those coming to market now and then, but they are limited and can require significant updating. One in a good location that has been sensitively maintained can draw heavy buyer competition. Given we can’t go back in time and add more to our inventory our design savvy real estate team helps in looking for alternatives. Today, clients are adapting a standard ranch home by adding additions with shed style roofs and floor to ceiling windows. New contemporary homes are now being designed by local architects and builders that offer the same blend of soaring roof lines, expansive glass combined with floor plans that work for today’s lifestyle. Sophisticated buyers today come loaded with informationmin mod on size and style of home they are looking for. Along with other inspiration we have been assembling plans for mid-century homes on our Pinterest Board.  Go Here. Taken to a local design build team one could use these as a starting point for a new modern home or adapted to be site specific and functional for today. Or just enjoy a trip back in time by browsing these plans. Cheers!

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