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Metro McCormick Field HouseComp 01

Bobby Jacobelly, of RCJ Building, gave us a call this week to check out his recent residential construction project just around the corner from our office. Kelly, Matt and myself jumped in the car and ran up. Bobby’s building a 4 level, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home nestled up to McCormick Field and overlooking downtown Asheville. The single owner/occupant of the home will use it for her metropolitan home base while hosting rotating visitors from out-of-town. Her east coast architectural family has been helping with details on the project.IMG_2700

The stealthy exterior of the home is finished in black which is on trend internationally. The interior, when finished, will be dressed in raw materials to give it a more rustic loft-like interior. As with most modern homes the indoor-outdoor relationship takes precedent. Thus, windows and doors play a key role in the home’s livability. Here Bobby ordered windows from AWILUX, a company out of Poland and Germany offering commercial style units with some affordability in mind. Comp 03

From bottom to top the ground floor shelters the garage, utility room and some flex space. The second level is all living space connect to the outside by a double sided fireplace. The third level contains two bedroom suites with a shared outdoor shower and laundry. The 4th level and crown of the home contains a versatile open space that can be either live, work or entertaining. The side of this space unfolds to an outdoor terrace overlooking McCormick Field. It will be an incredible entertaining space with the best views of home game fireworks.IMG_2702

Bobby hopes to have the home completed over the winter. The Modern Asheville Real Estate team looks forward to getting an updated tour then. Cheers and thanks Bobby!

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