Mid-Century Asheville | From the Archives

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.13.49 PMTake a look at this cool, hand drawing by architect Henry Gaines of the SIX Associates. I found this beauty scrolling through the NC Collection at the Pack Library. This drawing was rendered in 1947 as a concept for a home in Biltmore Forest. However, there is no address on it or confirmation it was ever built. Gaines design many homes in Biltmore Forest.

In Asheville there is little archives at the city level on the design history of homes. However, NC Collection is one of the few sources, along with UNCA, that retains some records. Recently, all of SIX Associates drawings were donated special-collections-comto the collection. As a CALL TO ACTION I know many homeowners with original drawings from their mid-century and architectural homes. Do your community a favor and drop them off at Pack Library to have scanned for the archives before they deteriorate or our lost in time. I recently dropped off some plans drawn by architect Bert King from a 1950’s home in the Grove Park neighborhood to be scanned. If you have them…share them. That’s our plea to you today. Cheers!

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