Alexander Wyly | Modern Maker of Patterns

IMG_2696At Modern Asheville Real Estate we frequently have “Portfolio Lunches” where we invite designers to come in to show us their work building upon the design and creative culture of our company. 828 Design recently introduced us to Alex Wyly. So, we invited him to our office for our version of show and tell.

Alex currently works as an artist making patterns. The patterns inspired by the local environment and travels across the world are then sold to various home fashion companies for use on their products. Alex’s background is in Fine Arts. AlexAfter art school he began working as a curator in major cities across the states. In 2011 he sought a slower tempo lifestyle with closer access to family in Atlanta. Through a friend in the furniture industry he found a job at a large textile mill in Hickory as an archive manager + pattern manager. The mill with tens of thousands of paintings, prints, collages and tapestries used as source materials for woven fabric from over a century became an instant inspiration.Alex Comp 01

He then started to design patterns for the team of textile designers at the mill and became aware of a niche part of the industry where independent design studios sold patterns to the mills. In 2013 he decided to venture offaam2000 on his own as an independent, locally based designer. He sells his patterns to designers and mills across the East Coast and is currently releasing his lines of rugs and pillows under his personal brand in a partnership with Surya in 2015 and 2016. Cheers to you Alex!

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