Covet | Industrial Modern

1617667_257960871053152_367977811_oThere is nothing I like more than mid-century relics with a patina of rust or layers of paint. Items from the industrial 20th century seem to get my attention. Perhaps it’s a more manly or utilitarian version of modern. Delicate furnishings don’t last well in my domain. Industrial strength is a requirement. Thus, you find I store my t-shirts in old military filing cabinets and my kitchen cutting board sits atop a repurposed, 5o’s school projector cart.Covet

It is a popular style here and there are many places one can find it in Asheville. One of those is Covet’s booth at the Screen Door. From old lockers, manufacturing cabinets, laboratory equipment and old signage they have it covered. If you would like to keep up with their inventory stop by in person or like Covet’s Facebook page here. Have a great weekend. Cheers!1978527_257960377719868_940472229_o-1

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