Merry Christmas 2 Everyone Everywhere

HolidayHi Folks! Our Modern Asheville Real Estate team couldn’t feel more blessed this year as we celebrate the holiday season. Christmas marks a tremendous year of changes and growth for our diverse work family. Fortunately, we all get a few days out of the office to reflect and share our success with our friends and family. Kelly and Chett are traveling off to St. Pete to enjoy a traditional holiday of sand and sun. Matt and Haley are off to Salt Lake City to see the snow-covered slopes of the West. Likewise, Julie and Hope are off to Colorado. Christina and Dave are enjoying family here in seventy degree Asheville. Last, Jim and I are off to Miami for some cool architecture and cuban food. Christmas Comp

Traditional or non-traditional, where ever you may be traveling our team would like you to remember that we all share this world together. As you cross paths with both your friends and strangers, love all those around you. It is what connects us all this season and everyday throughout the year. The warmest of wishes to all of you everywhere from our family to yours. Cheers!

Kelly, Christina, Matt, Julie and Troy

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