Happy Birthday ModernAsheville.com | No7

On this date in 2009 modernasheville.com began capturing modern art and design in our region. The first post is shown below. That year it was exciting to receive an average of 60 views per day having assumed no more than 3. Today, it 25764_1344238721187_705433_nis 5 times that and growing. Another year later Modern Mixers began so that modern enthusiasts and practitioners could mingle. Here is a photo of one of the first in the new Hotel Indigo lobby. Tomorrow, the tradition continues with our Mixer at Charlton Bradsher Art & Design. Charlton’s work and home was first featured in March of 09. Come and join us tomorrow night as we mix it up from 5 to 8pm and celebrate both modern art and design here in Asheville. For details go here. Cheers and thank you for your continued support!

Blue Ridge Parkway | Destination Center  1|28|2009

D10969_1_destinationcenterexteriorportrait110969_4_longview1esigned by

Lord Aeck Sargent Architecture

Take a look at this cool, green modern building and read what Sharon McHugh has to say about it.

“Taking their cue from the Appalachian region’s rural and natural character, the architects designed the center to evoke the feeling of “tree-house”. Built of wood and glass with expansive open interiors, the facility houses exhibit space dedicated to the history and development of the Parkway, space for regional exhibits and visitor information; a 70-seat theater, and a retail shop. One of the larger exhibits is a 22-foot interactive map of the entire Blue Ridge Parkway known as the “I-Wall” which provides multi-media information on places to visit on and around the Parkway.

Although rustic in feel, the Center incorporates the latest sustainable technologies including a green roof, active and passive solar heating and cooling and radiant floor heating. Completed in October 2007, the Center received a LEED Gold rating from the United States Green Building Council.”

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