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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.37.26 PMWe love seeing these drawings by architect Henry Gaines of SIX Associates for a proposed restaurant on Battery Park Ave. The client was  Mrs. H.A. Chandler and the drawings are dated 1958. Given the austerity and time period one could see Alfred Hitchcock strolling by. The restaurant was to have a main floor and mezzanine with offices above. I could find no other information, but would love to get the skinny if anyone has anything further to share. Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.36.06 PM

Thanks to the NC Collection at the Pack Place Library for archiving and sharing these drawings. They are a valued resource here. If you happen to have original architectural drawings for your home or commercial building we ask you to drop them off to have scanned so they become preserved as part of the digital archives. Cheers and thanks!

2 responses to “From the Archives | Chandler’s

  1. Shelli McGehee Gray

    Hello. This is such a long shot, I’m sure, but my grandfather William B. McGehee was an architect with Six Associates in the late 50’s through the early 80’s. While I was blessed to find some of his personal sketches after his death, I’m wondering if there are any blueprints or sketches of his work and area projects somewhere and how I would go about finding them. What about their office building on Hendersonville Road? I wonder whatever happened to all of that history, is it still there in a basement? Any suggestions on where I might begin a search would be so appreciated.

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