the Roots of Modernism | the Arts and Crafts Period

Image-69When moving here Asheville was endlessly celebrated for Art Deco and Arts & Crafts periods of design. Modern structures did not get any attention. Always pulling for the underdog I sought to expose the hidden modern through our region and ignored the popular. However, triggered by a recent conversation, I was reminded that we don’t often relate our local and pervasive Arts and Crafts architecture to modernism. We tend to think of it as decorative and historic from our vantage point in the here and now. The truth is that the Arts and Crafts movement formed the roots to 20th century modernism. Rather than my trying to explain it please enjoy this linked article by Anthony Denzer for deeper insight into design and manufacturing in the first half of our last century. Then when finished take a look at Modern Asheville’s pinterest pageArt and Crafts comp on local architect Richard Sharp Smith and consider some of the stripped down architecture, simplistic forms and exposed natural materials compared to that of the Victorian era and you can see the influence on some of the modern designs being drafted by local architects today. Cheers!Celo-Exterior-Twilight-e1410184725575

photo courtesy of Samsel Architects

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