William Krisel

Meet the Architect Who Helped Bring Modernism to the Massessmallbradley_twinpalms_61_custom-0b05667e34661cb444d2db83c1d21a36340618b8-s800-c85

Thanks for Mary Fierle of our local AIA for sending this story our way. We love it when our friends look out for us. The story on West Coast architect William Krisel was recently featured on NPR. It goes on to say: “When you think of tract homes, you think of houses that look the same: the same color scheme, the same style; homes that form two uninteresting walls on either side of a suburban street. That might be the case today, but nearly 60 years ago — at a time when “real” architects wouldn’t touch tract homes — one architect did everything he could to break the monotony. His name is William Krisel and he’s being honored by a place whose look he helped define — Palm Springs, Calif.” Read or listen to the rest here. Cheers!

One response to “William Krisel

  1. Troy, today’s post reminds me to write you a thank you note. My husband David and I attended Modernism Week in Palm Springs this year. We toured many Krisel homes and of course others. We had a blast. I don’t believe we would have known about this event without your blog so thank you.

    Martha Barnes Nelson


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