Sunday Morning Modern

Restoring Eileen Gray’s E-1027cdnassets.hw

What are the two things we love? Architecture and Story. This story from Architect online magazine has it all. Here’s a snippet. “The real trouble started a few years later, when Badovici invited his friend Charles-Édouard Jeanneret to stay at E-1027 with his wife, Yvonne. Le Corbusier, as Jeanneret had rebranded himself, had just earned international fame with the Villa Savoye, and he decompressed from work by lounging around E-1027 in various states of undress. Eventually he decided the white walls needed improvement, and he painted eight racy murals of Picasso-like female figures, some intertwined in sexy repose. Photographs captured the architect, naked in the Riveria heat, with the offending paintbrush in hand.” Now that I have your attention proceed here for the rest. Enjoy!

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