North Carolina | A State for Every Being

imgresThe diverse team of Modern Asheville Real Estate wants to stand publicly today and say, along with you, we are angered at our state leadership for their educational, cultural, environmental and fiscal recklessness in representing our state over the past few years. We know our community to be fiercely independent allowing ALL people to contribute to our communal well being without impeding the other so that we can all succeed together. We assure you that the current insulated state leaders who voted for HB2 do not represent the great breadth of our community and our beloved state we call home.

changecomingTo those who feel discouraged by the direction we assure you that change WILL come. Hurting teachers, businesses, individuals and communities at this pace can’t sustain itself. The pendulum will swing in our great state as we have seen it do in others including California and Oregon from where we came. WHY? The positive aftereffect of any divisive action is that the sleeping giant awakens – the people take action. Just as our proud citizens proved themselves in changing the course of Duke Energy’s plans for power in our area we know we have the power to stand up and change the course of our government locally, regionally and nationally.

elvis-costello-quote-we-have-to-speak-up-nowNow is the time to speak. This is why we have decided to speak out as a business. Just as only YOU occupy your body and have responsibility for it — YOU occupy and have responsibility for the state of North Carolina. You are not helpless. Just as you would claim your personal state of being now is the time to claim your state for every being in it!

NOW IS THE TIME. Let’s do it!

Here are some various links for staying informed, getting involved and making some noise: Take Back North CarolinaHRC North Carolina, NCGA, NCGA2. We welcome knowing about others. Cheers!

5 responses to “North Carolina | A State for Every Being

  1. Agreed! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for addressing this major embarrassment and disappointment for all of us who live in NC. And I hope it will work in our favor in the long run…We have been a city of inclusion and honoring all people for a long time, which is why it is such a great place to live.

  3. Well said. Thank you for standing up to address this!

  4. Cynthia Donahue

    Thank you. The citizens of this state deserve better than this legislature. We have to stand up to them and make it clear they don’t represent us.

  5. My wife and I had read much about North Carolina’s progressive tradition before we moved here from VERY conservative Arizona, and looked forward to being part of a more enlightened community. We were so disappointed to discover that we had moved here just as the Regressives took over, dismantling the progress of the past several decades in a matter of months. I hope there are enough like-minded people to unseat this disasterous legislature.

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