Sunday Morning Modern | The Week Ahead


As sponsors of AIA Asheville, we have been helping coordinate two events for next week’s National Architecture Week. AIA’s Architecture Week is a time to showcase talented architects who’ve made positive contributions to our communities both locally and regionally. So, here’s the skinny!

Tuesday, April 12th | 6 to 7pm

AIA Asheville is excited to bring you IN SITU STUDIO, a Raleigh based firm, to share their philosophy on contemporary home design in North Carolina. Join us Tuesday night at 6pm in the Lord Auditorium and welcome principals Erin Lewis and Matt Griffith as they articulate details of their mindful design practice inspired by many things including regionalism, context and culture. Go here for details and be sure to come. It is free after all!CHandG AIA Ad copy

“Every building is situated in a unique context formed of specific physical and cultural characteristics. At in situ studio, we work with our client to uncover design solutions that are unique to clients’ needs, appropriate to the places in which we are building, and innovative in the ways they solve problems through common sense. Our work is contemporary and sustainable. We prioritize stewardship of water, light, and energy. We are not prone to imitating any particular style. Rather, we seek an authentic logic for every project that transcends style.”

Thursday, April 14th | 5 to 7pm

Architect J. Bertram King designed Mid-Century Home StrollCrawl Map

Co-sponsored by AIA Asheville and Modern Asheville Real Estate the Stroll will consist of three 1950’s era Bert King designed homes in the Grove Park Country Club neighborhood for one evening only. This includes Bert King’s own home where he lived for decades. Stop by for refreshments and meet the proud home owners along with folks from AIA and Modern Asheville. The original owner of 5 Northwood will be there, Francella Poston, and bringing her original landscape plans by the well-known Doan Ogden. For more details go here and sign up to get important updates. We look forward to seeing you along the way. {details on homes still to come} Cheers!King Crawl Comp

Friday the 16th –  George Smart and his Mod Squad crew from NC Modernist Homes are coming to town for private tours of a variety of new modern and mid-century homes for the weekend. Kelly and I can’t wait to welcome them to the mountains on Friday night.

Saturday the 17th | All Day – we will be at the spa recovering. Don’t call us — we’ll call you. Cheers!

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