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SIX ASSOCIATES | 1095 Hendersonville RoadSix Associates Office

I find myself driving to South Asheville a lot lately. Soon we will have multiple listings in the area and just put in a contract for some buyers down in the thick of it. On Friday I had to stop and pay homage to the SIX ASSOCIATES and see the building from where many of our architectural designs came from. Six Associates began in 1942 as an Asheville architectural firm established by a group of western North Carolina architects: William Waldo Dodge, Jr., Henry Irvin Gaines, Anthony Lord, William Stewart Rogers, Erle G. Stillwell, and Charles Waddell. Their swanky, mid-century office was built in 1965 at 1095 Hendersonville Road. The building still exists today as an office complex housing a variety of businesses. SIX Associates

2 responses to “Modern Monday | From the Archives

  1. A very fine building in South Asheville is that of my dentist: Scott Peele, DDS, of Asheville Dental Wellness at 1087 Hendersonville Road. He has a great staff and if anyone ever wants to drop in and see their lobby, I am sure they wouldn’t mind. His building is a modern gem.

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