Sunday Morning Modern | Little Boxes

Documentary Film about Henry Doelger | If you haven’t seen this little film yet take time to watch it. It is a fascinating look at the “Henry Ford” of housing and the development of a community that is still enjoyed today. It gets even better the deeper you go in to it as it includes some of the first Googie style designs and some amazing AIA Award winning school buildings. Go here to watch. Happy Sunday. Cheers!Westlake

The Architecture of a Classic mid-century Suburb is a fascinating visual journey through the Westlake District of Daly City, California, one of America’s first and most iconic postwar suburbs. Located just south of San Francisco, Westlake has frequently been compared to Levittown, New York, the first major postwar FF_9_25_13_Asuburb in the United States. Developed by Henry Doelger, once the largest home builder in the nation, Westlake has long been the subject of adoration as well as ridicule. Perhaps Westlake’s greatest claim to fame is that it inspired Malvina Reynolds 1962 anti-suburban folk song, Little Boxes. Although the neighborhood’s quirky architecture has been featured in books, newspapers, and national magazines, this is the first book exclusively about Westlake.

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