The Flea is here! The Flea is here!

The Flea 4 Y’all is less than a day away. And there are so many reasons to come and hang out by the river at the hippest event in town on Sunday. There will be great food and drink vendors, along with, dozens of purveyors of cool vintage things you want and need: a mid-century coffee table, a rusted sign, the Tom Jones album you were missing.Flea

As Sponsors of the event Kelly and I will be there for Modern Asheville as always. What can we do for you tomorrow beyond providing our clever banter? We can…MA scrap

…sell you tickets to the local Modern Home Tour next Saturday the 4th. And we can sign you up to be the first to get information on a new small modern home development being launched next month by award winning local architects and builders. Yippee! We will have information on our 25 other listings and can answer any of your real estate questions. Does that sound good?IMG_3828

Now that I’ve covered it– see you there! Cheers!

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